July 10, 2014

STILL TIME TO HOP IN -Fuel & Fit and Fuel School Sessions!

There is still time to make this summer a healthy and productive one!!!  Saturday, July 12th we will start a new session of both Fuel School and Fuel & Fit. Fuel School is our 4 week nutrition education class.  Learn how to fuel your body so it can work efficiently and effectively for you.  Let us [...]

July 07, 2014

Fuel School Participant has a great doctor visit!

Just heard from Jeanne Glaser (participant in Fuel School)…she went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he asked her what she had been doing because immediately he could tell by looking at her that she had lost some weight. (22lbs to be …exact:) She told him about Goals In Motion and the new [...]

July 01, 2014

Nancy Cunningham is Cleaning out her Closet!

Nancy Cunningham continues her success at Goals in Motion! After going through a 9 week challenge and then participating in our Fuel School program she has been able to make some pretty remarkable changes. Obviously she has lost a significant amount of weight but more than that she has changed her entire mindset on fitness [...]

May 25, 2011

“My Friend GIM” by Kerry Richardson

This video captures a speech made by our very own Bandana Crew Leader (Urbandale 5:15am) at a Toastmasters meeting on May 24th. Kerry commented this on his speech “the GIM character is fictional but the inner battle I had with myself in the candy aisle is 100% real and the love I have for GIM [...]

April 27, 2011

Jaci Braun talking about her start at GIM & her post pregnancy weight loss.

April 20, 2011

Julia Seaton talking about nutrition and maintaining her weight loss.